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ISO-CF Compliance and Approvals

ISO-CF®Polyisocyanurate Compliances and Approvals


In addition to the fact that Dyplast's products have verifiable physical properties that are superior to alternatives and superior to other products within the same class, there is another significant differentiator. Dyplast has the physical properties of its products verified by an independent, third party laboratory. No other insulation manufacturer goes to greater lengths to ensure the validity of our statements in literature and and we proactively solicit comments from friends and competitors about the accuracy of our information. If there are inaccuracies, we will revise or even retract statements if we are in error.

Beyond the important third-party-verification process, we have a Quality Control program that is verified and audited by R&D Services. Beyond the audited QC Program, the before-mentioned authorities periodically validate our compliance with the QC Program. In other words every step of our manufacturing process is audited, including the quality of our raw materials.


ISO-CF/2.0 has been tested and found to meet the requirements as listed below. A Dyplast representative can provide you assistance in determining suitability of these and any unlisted specifications.


FMApproved BW

  • ISO-CF/2.0 polyisocyanurate is independently audited and listed with FM as a Specification Tested Identified Component of Insulated Building Panels.
  • Listed under FM's Approval Standard 4880 for use in Manufactured Wall and/or Ceiling Panels.
  • Tested for flame spread index (25), and smoke developed index (250)
  • Tested for compliance with Class 4880

Other Compliances:

  • Meets or Exceeds ASTM C591-17, the latest standard governing the use of polyiso
  • R&D Services: Independent Testing and Audit of Physical Properties