Advancing Composite 

Foam Core Technology

CorePlateTM Adanced Composite Panels

Strength Greater than Oak, Weight Less than Balsa

CorePlateDyplast’s ongoing product development efforts with BelleFlex Technologies LLC have yielded a revolutionary advanced composite sandwich panel that can achieve compressive strengths better than Oak, with densities less than Balsa. CorePlateTM is an advanced composite sandwich panel manufactured by BelleFlex LLC using Dyplast’s ISO-CF® polyiso rigid foam (an improved polyurethane) as its core. BelleFlex embeds microstructural components within the ISO-CF sheet that dramatically increase the strength, while marginally increasing the weight - - and while retaining most of the thermal resistance and other respected properties of polyiso.

By varying the density, thickness, skin, and the placement of the embedments, CorePlateTM can achieve unparalleled Compressive Strengths - - exceeding 8000 psi - - comparable to Oak, with densities less than Balsa. View a video on a CorePlate test sample undergoing compressive load.

BelleFlex Technologies, a subsidiary of one of the oldest companies in the U.S., only recently expanded into advanced composites markets. The CorePlateTM technology utilizing ISO-CF will likely revolutionize the sandwich composite markets where high strength, low weight, and lower lifetime costs are critical. Example markets include floors and walls in truck, rail, ship/boat, and aircraft applications (particularly when thermal resistance is advantageous). The flexibilities inherent in the manufacture of CorePlate enable considerable customization to produce light-weight composite panels withstanding compressive loads far in excess of traditional higher density composites. CorePlateTM panel attributes include reduced weight, increased strengths moduli, high fracture toughness and modulus of elasticity, improved thermal resistance, and improved moisture resistance unmatched by traditional core technologies like balsa, PET, carbon, and honeycomb. CorePlateTM is typically manufactured in high volumes with thicknesses from 1-3 inches, widths up to 8 feet, and virtually any length. View Dyplast's CorePlate one-page Qwik Guide.

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