Advancing Composite 

Foam Core Technology

Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) Products

Unique Credentials

Kingspan Insulation produces large blocks of Expanded Polystyrene (EPS) that can be subsequently transformed into EPS foam core sheets and special cut shapes. EPS foam cores come in various configurations and densities, including unfaced flat sheets, tapered panels, routed edges, and/or virtually any other custom shape. Kingspan EPS products are easily fabricated to meet specific design and dimensional requirements. Further, because of its light weight and durability it is easily stored, handled, or re-configured. Kingspan EPS costs less than competitive composite substrates while delivering comparable value.

Kingspan has over fifty years of R&D and manufacturing experience with EPS (expanded polystyrene) rigid foam, enabling unmatched quality, customization, and application resiliency. Product physical properties are independently verified, and our quality processes audited. Our high production capacities, on-hand inventories, and JIT deliveries generate advantages for end-users while lowering per-unit costs. While most EPS manufacturers can compete only locally, Kingspan’s national transportation networks enable exceptional offerings that can be highly competitive regionally.

Comprehensive Fabrication and Delivery

Kingspan’s EPS block molding processes produce densities from 1 through 2.0 lb/ft3, meeting demanding requirements across a spectrum of insulation, special shape, metal panel, and foam core applications. Down-stream fabrication capabilities include CAD and CNC equipment that can achieve unmatched flexibility and tolerance in blocks, sheets, edge routed panels, tapered sheets, and virtually any shape - - without voids.

Foam Core Applications

  1. Composite panels with substrates (e.g. metal, fiber/resin, poly/plastic, or composites laid-over EPS cores)
  2. Cores for Structural Insulated Panels (SIPS)
  3. Laminated panels / Sandwich panels
  4. Transportation/vehicle walls and floors
  5. Customized form molds for concrete arches and other shapes in building applications
  6. Special Cuts for customized applications
  7. EPS/Polyiso sandwich cores
  8. Cores for spa covers and similar applications

Insulation Applications (visit

  1. Engineered roof deck systems
    1. Lightweight Insulated Concrete Roofing Systems (HoleyBoard)
    2. Tapered EPS Roofing Systems
  2. Cavity wall insulating systems
  3. Refrigeration/freezer/warehouse/transport panels
  4. Insulated metal panels (IMPs)
  5. EPS/polyiso sandwich panels for specialty walls

Other Applications (visit

  1. Geofoam blocks (light-weight structural replacement for fill for highways, bridges, ramps, embankments, stadium seating, landscaping, swimming pool foundations/decks, etc.)
  2. Architectural Shapes (lightweight alternatives for balusters, cornices, moldings, columns, etc.)
  3. Marine applications such as floatation
  4. Special cuts for customized applications