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Foam Core Technology

EPS Composite Foam Cores

EPS Composite Foam Cores

Dyplast Products produces EPS foam core (expanded polystyrene) products suitable for use with composite substrates such as steel, aluminum, resin/fiber, carbon, wood/cellulose and other composite substrates laminated or layered over the foam core. Dyplast EPS is fabricated in large blocks that can be fabricated, with great precision, into large unfaced  sheets, blocks, or virtually any shape - - with edge routing, tapers, or other special cuts. Dyplast EPS foam core composite subtrates are readily fabricated to meet specific design and dimensional requirements. Our large manufacturing capacity and inventory offers quick deliveries, including JIT to the jobsite. Further, Dyplast EPS thermal insulation properties make it distinctive among alternative composites, and suitable for applications that can benefit from energy efficiencies.  

Dyplast EPS insulation is suitable for a host of residential and commercial applications including:

  • Laminated panels
  • Insulated metal/wood panels
  • SIPS
  • Rail and truck containers
  • Signs
  • Exhibit walls
  • Cavity walls

Dyplast EPS foam cores typically cost less than other rigid foams. 

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