Advancing Composite 

Foam Core Technology


Changes and Growth in the Cold Storage Industry

The need to implement and grow cold storage solutions is rapidly rising, according to a recent report by Joanna Turpin with ACHR News. This demand, brought on by the pandemic, is an enormous opportunity for refrigeration contractors, with reports showing the market will more than double its 2019 value around 2027.



Join Kingspan Insulation at IVIS 2021

Kingspan Insulation is proud to be attending the 15th International Vacuum Insulation Symposium in London, UK on April 11-12, 2022. We very much look forward to participating in information sharing and education sessions which will expand the Kingspan Insulation presence in the Vacuum Insulated Panel product industry.


Kingspan Insulation Miami’s HR Director Named to SFMA Board of Directors

The South Florida Manufacturer Association (SFMA) recently appointed Yamilet Ramirez, MSHRM and PHR to its Board of Directors for a 3 year term. Ms. Ramirez, has been with Kingspan Insulation, LLC (formerly Dyplast Products) for 16 years, originally as the Vice President of Human Resources for Dyplast Products, and now as the Human Resources Director for Kingspan Insulation's Miami plant.


Environmental Sustainability of Polyisocyanurate in Advanced Composite Applications

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Life Cycle Assessment 

Environmental sustainability can be approached from a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) perspective. This case involves a “cradle-to-grave” assessment of Dyplast’s polyisocyanurate (polyiso or PIR) rigid foam core products with superior thermal insulation properties - including the ISO-CF®, ISO-CF/HT product lines.This Life Cycle Assessment (LCA), very briefly summarized herein, confirmed that increased levels of ISO-CF foam cores indeed save energy and reduce emissions of high-GWP gases that far outweigh energy consumption and emissions associated with making, transporting, installing, and managing the foam cores through end-of-life.


Dyplast Product Quality

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Dyplast’s growth and reputation have indeed been based on product quality, customer responsiveness, and anticipation of market needs. For instance, Dyplast does more product testing against Standards than has been required. We complied with the Montreal Protocol (environmental) before it was mandatory. We have reduced waste, energy, water, and emissions as advocates of and in support of good stewardship as well as Climate Change initiatives.


CAMX 2019 was a success!

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We appreciate your visit to the Dyplast Composites booth, with BelleFlex LLC as our guest hosts. It was a pleasure to greet old friends and make some new ones along the way. We are sure you spoke with a lot of people so just in case as a refresher we (Dyplast in coordination with BelleFlex) are leaders, respectively, in polyiso foam cores and advanced panel composites.


Dyplast CAMX 2019


Dyplast Composites and BelleFlex Technologies, LLC. will be announcing a sales/cooperation agreement at CAMX 2019. BelleFlex has developed BelleFlex CorePlateTM, an advanced composite panel with superior compressive properties that uses Dyplast’s ISO-CF® polyisocyanurate foams.

The CorePlate represents a leap in multi-functional, advanced composite technologies.


Hurricane Dorian Update


Dyplast is thankful that Hurricane Dorian turned North before hitting Miami; neither our employees, operations, nor inventories have been affected. Our thoughts are now with our clients and friends in The Bahamas - - and then potentially points North! Dyplast stands ready to assist our clients and friends as soon as water and air traffic is again restored.


Multi-Functional Composites

Technological Readiness 1

What exactly are multifunctional composites, and how/when might they present an advantage over an existing composite substrate or be optimal for a new composite application?

Stand by for Dyplast’s more complete Technical Bulletin on the subject, yet here’s a summary worthy of a Blog.


Polyiso vs. Balsa Composites: 7 Advantages


While End-grained balsa indeed has a proven track record, balsa is relatively expensive; And high-volume, flexible dimension/shapes, or quick turnaround on delivery may be problematic. On the other hand, polyisocyanurate is quite the opposite!

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