Advancing Composite 

Foam Core Technology


Dyplast CAMX 2019


Dyplast Composites and BelleFlex Technologies, LLC. will be announcing a sales/cooperation agreement at CAMX 2019. BelleFlex has developed BelleFlex CorePlateTM, an advanced composite panel with superior compressive properties that uses Dyplast’s ISO-CF® polyisocyanurate foams.

The CorePlate represents a leap in multi-functional, advanced composite technologies.


Hurricane Dorian Update


Dyplast is thankful that Hurricane Dorian turned North before hitting Miami; neither our employees, operations, nor inventories have been affected. Our thoughts are now with our clients and friends in The Bahamas - - and then potentially points North! Dyplast stands ready to assist our clients and friends as soon as water and air traffic is again restored.


Multi-Functional Composites

Technological Readiness 1

What exactly are multifunctional composites, and how/when might they present an advantage over an existing composite substrate or be optimal for a new composite application?

Stand by for Dyplast’s more complete Technical Bulletin on the subject, yet here’s a summary worthy of a Blog.


Polyiso vs. Balsa Composites: 7 Advantages


While End-grained balsa indeed has a proven track record, balsa is relatively expensive; And high-volume, flexible dimension/shapes, or quick turnaround on delivery may be problematic. On the other hand, polyisocyanurate is quite the opposite!

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