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Dyplast responds to receiving NIA’s Theodore H. Brodie Distinguished Safety Award

"Our safety team was very excited to be part of NIA's safety award program and to get the detailed analysis of our safety program. This feedback helped our team improve Dyplast's program and resulted in a platinum award in our second year. The feedback helped Dyplast improve our employee participation and reduced our insurance costs. Our insurance broker informed us that the carrier considered this award during the underwriting process. But the most important benefit was the pride in recognition of the team's efforts. Everyone at Dyplast believes that this award program, including the process of reviewing our program and receiving feedback ,is a true benefit to our company."

-Ted Berglund, President & CEO, Dyp/ast Products, LLC

The award is named in honor of NIA Past President Ted Brodie, who worked tirelessly for many decades before his death in 2010 to create a greater awareness of the need for safe working conditions. Mr. Brodie first chaired the association's Health and Safety Committee in 1967, and he received NIA's President's Award in 1988. Mr. Brodie was the President and CEO of New England Insulation Co., Inc. in Canton, Massachusetts, for 50 years.