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Clearing the Air…on Polyurethane’s Smoke Toxicity


In Dyplast Products, LLC continuing effort to provide our customers with accurate information about our ISO-C1® family of products, we are sending out the American Chemistry Council's Center for the Polyurethanes Industry, Question and Answer: Smoke Toxicity document. The document contains two sections, General Information on Smoke Toxicity followed by a section with Information Specific to Polyurethane Products. 

The document in a Q&A format makes, two important points about polyurethane combustion products: that combustion decomposition toxicity products are not unique as compared to other common synthetic or natural materials, and that polyurethanes do not present a greater health risk than fires involving synthetic or natural materials.

Dyplast believe that this informative document should dispel some commonly misunderstood beliefs concerning Polyurethane combustion products. 

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