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Dyplast Reopens after Hurricane Irma


Dyplast and our employees very much appreciate the thoughts and prayers so many of you offered to us and indeed all in the path of Hurricane IRMA. All of our personnel are safe although a number still do not have electricity and water. 

The Miami plant sustained minimal damage, and we appreciated the efforts that our staff made to be at the plant this morning. They came in spite of personal hardships.

Dyplast anticipates being operational on or before Friday September 15, 2017. We still have spotty telephone service at the site.

We further anticipate that we will be back to normal operations next week fulfilling all orders. If you had already placed orders before Dyplast suspended operations these shipments will have priority. 

Thank you for your patience. Please contact your Account Manager if you cannot get through to Customer Service, and you can always contact me directly via my cell.

Joe Hughes

VP Sales and Marketing

Mobile: 305-904-4059