ISO-CF® and ISO-CF/HT Tour

ISO-CF® or ISO-CF/HT Entering the Tunnel


The high-grade chemicals are precisely metered and pumped through a mixing system and nozzle. The combined liquid chemicals are deposited onto a continuously running lower facer, with the upper and side facers being fed on line just after the chemical laydown. As the chemical reaction begins creating heat, the blowing agent begins to vaporize, initiating the foaming as the material enters the pressure conveyor. The foam continues to expand, pushing the facings against the surfaces of the pressure conveyor which controls the height and width of the bun. The polyiso bunstock exits the conveyor in a continuous fashion, and is cut to the appropriate length.

Note: A photo of the "wet end" of the tunnel is not shown due to the proprietary nature of the process.

ISO-CF® or CF/HT Leaving the Tunnel


The ISO-CF® and CF/HT mix rises to the predetermined height, width, and density based on the precisely controlled, chemistry, conditions, and tunnel configuration. These parameters can be changed to conform with particular customer requests.

The ISO-CF and CF/HT manufacturing process yields highly uniform physical properties, particularly well-suited for handling, cutting, and fabricating. Other attributes such as R-factor, strength, dimensional stability, and water vapor transmission make this product a leader in pipe and vessel, as well as container, insulation.

The next step in the process cuts the buns to the desired length. The resulting bunstock is then put in storage for curing prior to shipping as bunstock or cutting to size.

ISO-CF® Bunstock Curing


Curing of polyurethane buns is a requisite step in the process to make high quality polyiso insulation. Insufficient curing can lead to less than optimum physical properties and dimensional instability after cutting.

As polyiso buns cure, the coloration shifts from a cream color (below) to the hallmark gold color.

After adequate curing, the buns are sometimes shipped directly to fabricators, but are more likely to be cut to required dimensions with Dyplast Products' state-of-the-art cutting equipment.

iso_bun_raw_sm.jpgBun Curing!

ISO-CF® AND ISO-CF/HT Slab Saw Cutting Polyiso Insulation [...]


After the polyiso curing process yields an ISO-CF® or ISO-CF/HT bun with the ideal physical properties ready to be cut, Dyplast Products utilizes the the most precise cutting equipment available. The image at left portrays the slab saw set to cut thin sheets for insulation applications.

Slab saws can be adjusted to cut bunstock into virtually any thickness - - to less than 1/8 inch (0.16 cm) with an accuracy to 1/32 inch (0.08 cm)

Polyiso (ISO-CF® or CF/HT) Trim Saw


ISO-CF® AND ISO-CF/HT panels are trimmed to size after the slab saws have cut to the appropriate thickness.

Again, the accuracy of Dyplast Products' cutting equipment is superb - - allowing us to meet the applications with the most demanding specifications.

ISO-CF® Foam Cores

IMG 5499 400x240

iso_cut_storage_sm.jpg ISO-CF Foam Cores can be cut in our facility to virtually any linear dimension and put inventory ready for immediate shipping, or it can be cut to custom sizes.

The image at left depicts blocks of polyiso (ISO-CF) Foam Core insulation.

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