Advancing Composite 

Foam Core Technology

Dyplast Products®  manufactures high-performance structural Polyisocyanurate (ISO-CF®, an advanced polyurethane) as well as Expanded Polystyrene (Dyplast EPS) rigid foams in varied densities for use in composite applications - - particularly sandwich composites and composite insulation board! Dyplast has a demonstrated composite substrate material to meet each of the top ten priorities of composite engineers:
  1. Rigidity/stiffness/strength
  2. Light-weight
  3. Thermal and dimensional stability
  4. Thermal efficiency
  5. Temperature range diversity
  6. Fabrication flexibility (size, dimension, shape, tolerance)
  7. High volume capacity
  8. Substrate material and adhesive compatibilities
  9. Excellent water/moisture resistance
  10. Cost efficiency
ISO-CF and Dyplast EPS as foam cores can achieve high bending strength-to-weight ratios and resistance to deformation (axial/flexural/torsional) when combined with laminate substrates such as carbon, metal, fiber/glass, or poly(carbonate/vinyl/ethylene/etc.).


ISO-CF and ISO-CF/HT are quite unique since, as closed-cell thermoset rigid foam cores, they offer performance effective from at cryogenic temperatures up through 350°F (177°C) - - while offering impressive thermal insulation characteristics not available in alternative structural foam cores. Dyplast's ISO-CF densities range from 2 to 6 lb/ft3, (32–96 kg/m3) and are available with:
  • high-volume,
  • quick-turnaround
  • sheets, blocks, or fabricated shapes typically much larger and diverse than alternatives
  • precise dimensional tolerance.

Expanded Polystyrene

Dyplast EPS has closed cells, no voids, and is light-weight - - a resilient structural rigid foam providing a host of distinctive properties. No other product within this cost structure provides the strength-to-weight ratios, thermal efficiency, temperature compatibility, dimensional stability, and resistance to water, moisture, shrinkage, rot, insects, and mildew. Dyplast EPS is manufactured across densities from 1-2 lb/ft3 (16-32 kg/m3) .



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Dyplast has over fifty years of R&D and advanced manufacturing experience with PIR and EPS foam cores - - with unmatched quality protocols enabling customization and application resiliency. Product physical properties are independently verified, and our quality processes audited. Our high production capacities, on-hand inventories, and JIT deliveries generate advantages for end-users while lowering per-unit costs.

A wide range of core densities, strengths and flexible dimensions are available for both ISO-CF and EPS foam core products. Additionally, down-stream cutting and fabrication capabilities utilizing CAD and CNC equipment that can achieve unmatched flexibility in producing sheets, tapers, routed edges, or virtually any shape - - without voids. Extremely tight dimensional tolerances can be maintained to meet the most demanding composite engineering specifications.